The Sliefert Funeral Homes offer a complete line of products and services to meet your family’s needs.

Traditional Service
Many families prefer to choose a traditional worship-oriented funeral ceremony. A traditional ceremony typically includes:

  • Viewing at the place of worship or funeral home, either prior to the ceremony or the evening before
  • The funeral ceremony itself, conducted at the funeral home or place of worship
  • Procession to the cemetery for a final committal service

Being traditional does not mean being without choice. Each funeral at Sliefert Funeral Home is tailored to your preferences. Some of the areas that can reflect your personal choice are:

  • The flowers for the ceremony
  • Music - can be contemporary, jazz, traditional hymns, etc
  • Merchandise - the casket selection, clothing (either purchased from us or brought in by family members)
  • Prayer cards or memorial folders
  • A collection of photographs, mementos or remembrances to be placed in the casket or displayed in their own special section

Memorial Service
A Memorial Service is when the deceased is not present. It may take place at the funeral home, the family's home, a church, or even outdoors. This is a time to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family. The memorial service can also be an addition to a traditional funeral service. For example, having a traditional funeral service here and then a memorial service back in the deceased’s home town. Or, a memorial service can be done after a burial or cremation if this meets the need of the family.

Committal Service
The Committal Service is a brief service at the gravesite after a traditional funeral service but prior to the burial. This is where family and friends say their final good-byes at the final resting place by placing flowers or sometimes sand on the casket. If the committal service is the only service then it becomes what we call a Graveside Service and is accompanied by a visitation the night before. The graveside service is a more lengthy service consisting of scripture reading, eulogy, poetry, and music.

Sliefert Funeral Homes is pleased to announce the opening of the Heritage Cremation Center in Storm Lake. As cremation has become a more commonplace choice in our area, we saw the need for a local cremation center. This center will provide assurance for our families who select cremation that their loved ones will never leave the care and keeping of the funeral professionals they have come to know and trust. In addition to this peace of mind, please know that when you choose cremation, we will assist you in creating a memorial service that will honor and celebrate the life of your loved ones in the same caring manner as we do for our families who choose more traditional funeral and burial options.

It is for these reasons that Sliefert Funeral Homes has partnered in ownership of this new facility.

We want you and your family to know the facts and be comfortable with the subject of cremation if you are interested in this alternative. As with any service we provide, there are many choices to make, as well as options available for personalization. To learn what is available, simply call us. We’ll provide straight answers to all your questions. We pledge to you our continued care as funeral professionals to provide dignified, compassionate services to you and your family at all times.

As always, you can put your trust in us.

With Cremation, you have all the choices of traditional burial

Visitation or Gathering
A formal or informal gathering for friends at the funeral home or another location allows everyone to share their condolences without disturbing the family's privacy at home.

Funeral or Memorial Service
A service honoring the deceased person can be held at a funeral home or place of worship before or after cremation. Musical selections and special speakers are important choices in planning.

Burial, Permanent Possession, Columbarium Urn Niche Placement or Scattering
While some families keep the remains, most choosing cremation decide to bury them. Many hold a public or private graveside service where others can bid their final farewells. If you select columbarium niche, you may desire a service at the niche. You can also add a service if scattering the remains.

Urn Choices
You will need an urn for the cremated remains. Which one you choose may depend on the personality of the person who has died, as well as on the urn's style, color, cost, and workmanship. We offer you more than 35 urns with distinctive personalities.

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