Date of Death
Date of Death
Clara H. Howard Click to view FolderJanuary 2, 2015  Keith WoodallJanuary 17, 2015 
Charlene V. White Click to view Folder January 18, 2015         
Marjorie Johnson Click to view Folder February 12, 2015    Donald Thayer Click to view Folder February 14, 2015  
Steven Koenig Click to view Folder February 23, 2015   Lois A. Haroldson  Click to view Folder February 22, 2015  
Linda Fischer Click to view Folder February 27, 2015        
Evelyn Larsen Click to view Folder March 2, 2015   Gleva Axelson Click to view Folder Click to view Tribute Video March 23, 2015  
Lestat Schmeltz Click to view Folder April 16, 2015   Lawrence Rusk Click to view Folder Click to view Tribute Video April 21, 2015  
Robert G. Rebhuhn  Click to view Folder Click to view Tribute Video April 24, 2015   Aubrey D. George Click to view Folder April 29, 2015   
Neoma B. Bartels Click to view Folder April 30, 2015   Edith Bates April 29, 2015  
David H. Unger Click to view Folder May 3, 2015   Dr. Rodney Kleaveland Click to view Tribute Video Click to view Folder May 9, 2015  
Mildred Ehmen  May 11, 2015   Mabel Postolka Click to view Folder May 17, 2015   
LaVonne Hoffman Click to view Folder Click to view Tribute Video May 27, 2015        
Martha Harald Click to view Folder June 10, 2015    Arnold "Arnie" Otto Click to view Folder June 12, 2015   
Janice A. Peterson Click to view Folder June 25, 2015        
Russell Bentley July 1, 2015   Jacob L. Carlson Click to view Folder  July 11, 2015  
Gladys B. Wilde Click to view Folder July 19, 2015        
Marcia L. Iehl Click to view Folder Click to view Tribute Video August 22, 2015   Anita V. Brown Click to view Folder  Click to view Tribute Video August 22, 2015  
Lois C. Travis Click to view Folder August 29, 2015    Donald D. Oehlerich  Click to view Folder August 29, 2015  
Marvel F. Buse Click to view Folder September 3, 2015   Merle R. Galbraith Click to view Folder September 3, 2015   
Amy Price Click to view Folder September 4, 2015   Helen I. Ihry Click to view Folder September 20, 2015   


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